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The design team at Little, Brown could not have come up with a more stunning cover for DREAMLAND BURNING, and I’m so grateful! That’s Will and Rowan, if you’re wondering. And though the book won’t be out until January 2017, I’ll have some advanced copies to share in the next few months. Stay posted for […]

The Dreamland

The cover of Dreamland Burning is pretty amazing (thank you, design team at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers!), and I’m so excited about being able to reveal it Wednesday. In the meanwhile, here are a few pictures from Greenwood, which, at the time of the riot in 1921, was known as “Black Wall Street. […]

The Night Tulsa Burned

I may not be a Tulsan by birth, but this city is my home and I love it. Of course, like all homes, Tulsa has its problems. And honestly, sometimes those problems are what inspire me most. Dreamland Burning is about the Tulsa race riot (which plenty of people around here justifiably call a “race […]

The Riot that Burned the Dreamland Down

I’ve had my head down for a while now, finishing DREAMLAND BURNING and getting it ready for its debut next January. Honestly, the details of what happened in Tulsa back in 1921 have gotten so ingrained in my brain that I forget not everyone knows about them. Rather than go into the history here, I’ll […]


Apparently I’ve been so busy working on DREAMLAND BURNING I completely forgot that I have a website. But as it turns out, I do. And DREAMLAND is in ARC form now, along with some other amazing-looking books.