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Scarlett Sometimes

One of the weirdest things about being a writer is how real your characters become. As in, Scarlett is way more real to me than, say, my third grade teacher. Other than the fact that Mrs. B. had graying black hair, loved Oil of Olay, and applied it at least three times a day, there […]


Can you tell from this shabby unchic website that I’m not the most, um, savvy web person? Shocking, but true. I do, however, try and keep track of SCARLETT UNDERCOVER out and about on the web. Like right now, you can enter to win a free copy of her over at Goodreads ( Hope you’ll […]

Texas, here we come!

Holy longhorns, Batman — can’t believe I get to visit the Texas Library Association’s annual conference this April AND participate in a panel with such amazing authors! If you’re attending 1) you rock, because you’re probably a librarian and 2) come say howdy!

You Never Know…

I love telling people what lousy drivers they are. Seriously, if you drive too slow in front of me or pass too fast or tailgate or take a turn like a ninety-nine-year-old blind man, I’m probably in my own car, calling you a twitwit. It’s a bad habit. Sometimes I curse, though, to my credit, […]

Scarlett’s Cover Is Here!

This is a little surreal. OK…a lot surreal. But Scarlett’s cover is up and live, and links to pre-orders should be set. It’s been a long journey. The eighth graders who read my first draft and gave me advice are now freshmen in college. Can’t type any more now…have to go do some seriously happy […]

A year to go…

So SCARLETT UNDERCOVER comes out in about a year, which is amazing beyond amazing to me. I love my main character, Scarlett, and I love how the final draft for copyediting turned out. Pam Garfinkel at L,B, was so easy to work with, and so good at pinpointing areas that needed help…though I’m still seeing […]

How’d He Do That?

Last night our whole family went to see Ransom Riggs in Tulsa (we have a pretty amazing library system here, and wonderful organization called Booksmart Tulsa that promotes writers and brings in speakers from all over). And as he spoke, I couldn’t help thinking: 1. He’s really funny and genuinely nice 2. He makes you […]

Revising, revising, revising

I used to hate revising. Hate. It. With a passion. But when you have to do something over and over and over again, you kind of have to make peace with it. And if you’re lucky, you even start to like it. Truth is, revising has become my favorite part of writing. Here’s why. When […]