Just because…

Scarlett’s birthday is coming soon. As in May 19th soon. And the weird thing is, getting to this point has been such a long, long process that it doesn’t feel quite real. But here are some things that are — most definitely– real:

–I’m recording an interview at our local NPR station, KWGS, next week (bites nails)

–Kirkus will be running an interview with me on May 15th (bites nails and pees self a little)

–Booksmart Tulsa is throwing Scarlett & me a launch party on May 20th. 7pm at the Henry Zarrow Center for Art and Education in Tulsa (be there puhleeeeeze!)

–I was introduced to a girl who read Scarlett, and she was so excited to meet me that I nearly cried.

So those are (I believe) all really wonderful things coming up in the next few weeks. Seriously, if you’re in Tulsa, come party with us on the 20th. And if you’re not, I’ll miss you. I really, really will.